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WELCOME! to the Good Morning Maine! Broadcast Audio Streaming Service.

Click Here To Go Directly To Audio Streaming!

The most recent ARCHIVED SHOWS are available as streaming MP3 Files 24-hours-a-day.

The Archived Feeds re-broadcast the latest Shows continuously 24-hours-a-day, with the latest Show usuallly available after about noon on the Sunday following the prior Saturday's broadcast. The bit-rate is 24K, allowing most everyone with 33K-or-higher Internet access to hear the Show with minimal interruptions.

When you click on the link below, you'll be switched over to our Streaming Server.

When you first sign-on to our Streaming Server, and occasionally during future sign-ons, you may be informed that the Streaming Server is checking out your system and connection.  That's OK, simply let it do its thing!

You may also be asked to do something with the settings on your audio player. Just follow the instructions to customize your particular player to your preferences.

The streaming audio is known to work well with Windows Media Player and RealPlayer, both of which are available free over the Internet from the respective software developers. All other players that can play MP3 Files should also work well. If for some reason the Show doesn't play, please check your browser and/or player settings.

Tech Notes For Users Of Windows Media Player 9 Or Above: To optimize the integration of your Player for Internet-sourced playback, bring up Windows Media Player, then select Tools>Options>Network. In the Network window, the Streaming protocols block should have all options checked. The Use ports block is normally unchecked. In the Streaming proxy settings block, the HTTP Protocol should be configured to Autodetect.

Thanks for listening!

Click Here To Go To Audio Streaming!